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Suing Because of a Dog Attack

Suing for dog bites is quite common. Here's a $1.75 million dog bite lawsuit that involves a Canadian pit bull.

Long story short, Rhianna Wingrove is suing dog owner Andy Polo for the actions of his pit bull George.

Her dog bite lawsuit alleges she was seriously injured when the dog attacked and viciously bit her on the head.

She claims she was sitting in the passenger seat of the dog owner's SUV when the dog attacked her suddenly and without warning.

According to her statement of claim, "it took several people and several attempts to pry the dog off to release the plaintiff's head."


The dog bite victim alleges she lost a large piece of her scalp as a result of the pit bull attack.

As a result, she had to undergo several surgical operations, including the use of skin grafts and 37 staples, to repair the damage to her head.

She also indicates that she experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and now has nightmares, anxiety and a new phobia and fear of dogs.

Her lawsuit seeks $1.75 million in damages.

Pit bulls are notoriously involved in these type of dog bit lawsuits. In fact, many cities have passed laws prohibiting ownership of pit bulls.

Of course, ironically, the cities are now being sued by the dog owners, who are challenging the constitutionality of breed-specific bans.

For example, Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs, a nonprofit organization, recently filed a lawsuit against four cities -- Jacksonville, Lonoke, North Little Rock and Beebe -- alleging each has an unconstitutional ordinance banning ownership of pit bull-type dogs. Four individual dog owners are also plaintiffs in the suit.

It's a Dog Sue Dog world, isn't it?

Our legal system is going to the dogs. Oh well.

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