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Wondering how to sue somebody? Want information on class action suits? We answer all your questions here. If we are missing a question, let us know and we'll do our best to answer it.

Small Claims Court Questions

How much can I sue somebody for in small claims court?

What if I need to sue somebody for more than the small claims limit in my state?

Do I need a lawyer for small claims court? Am I allowed to have a lawyer for small claims court?

Workplace Injuries Questions

What is workers compensation?

What's the difference between a workers comp lawsuit and a personal injury lawsuit?

Why do I need a workers compensation attorney?

Suing Insurance Companies Questions

Why did the insurance company start with such a low settlement offer?

Lawyer Questions

What are typical lawyer fees for a personal injury case?

How should I pick a lawyer for my lawsuit?

General Legal Questions

What's the difference between criminal law and civil law?