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Suing Duke University

If your friends are sued or pursued by the law and it stresses you out, it could be grounds for a lawsuit of your own.

That's right. The Duke University lacrosse players who were not indicted for the infamous Duke rape case are now claiming they suffered undue emotional distress during the rape investigation against three of their fellow teammates.

They are therefore suing Duke University, the City of Durham and police officials, accusing them of fraud, abuse and breach of duty for supporting the prosecution of the case.

Their federal lawsuit seeking unspecified damages was filed this week in North Carolina.

As you might recall, there were indictments in 2006 against three Duke players on rape charges, but state prosecutors later cleared the accused students of any wrongdoing. The District Attorney in charge later resigned from office and was disbarred.

Suing a university because they helped local officials to prosecute a rape case? Just another interesting example of our legal processes in action.


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