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Securing Litigation Funding

Lawsuit funding (also called advance funding or pre-settlement funding) provides individuals and businesses involved in lawsuits access to needed cash.

Without litigation funding alternatives, many suits would not be brought to court. That's because the plaintiff might not have the money to sue or might not be able to finance themselves while the lawsuit is underway. If they are undercapitalized, they may be forced to settle for less than they deserve or never initiate the lawsuit in the first place.

Lawsuit funding firms level the playing field by providing pre-trial or pre-settlement funding. Many of these loans are non-recourse - that means an advance is only repaid when and if a recovery is obtained.

If you are looking for lawsuit funding, search the Internet via your favorite search engine, using phrases like these: lawsuit cash advances, personal injury settlements, pre-settlement funding, advance cash settlements, legal cash, attorney loans, attorney financing, litigation funds, plaintiff cash, judgment advance, settlement loans, plaintiff advance, tort payments, and legal settlement advances. You'll find plenty of firms to work with.

While there are many different names for litigation financing, it all boils down to this. Litigation is a war of attrition where victory is often determined not by the merits of a case, but by the financial resources available to the parties.

Advance funding can prevent a plaintiff from having to accept an unfair or inadequate settlement offer. With a little financial help, a plaintiff can afford to hold out and fight longer for a fair settlement or go to trial.


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