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Rob Ray Suing NHL Player's Association

Former Sabres hockey player Rob Ray is suing the NHL Players' Association over money he believes was owed to him during the NHL lockout back in 2005.

This is the second time Ray has sued regarding lockout compensation, and the second compensation lawsuit is a follow-up action to the first lawsuit.

In his new lawsuit, Ray says the players' union deceived him into settling his initial lawsuit for lockout compensation two years ago.

The union denies Ray's allegations.

Their position is that he was not deceived into accepting an out-of-court settlement and an undisclosed amount of money during his first lawsuit.

They also claim that he signed a waiver against receiving any more money or taking further legal action upon settling his first lawsuit.

In this new lawsuit, Ray is asking for $2 million in punitive damages and back pay.

In their own filings, the defendant has asked to have the suit dismissed.

This lawsuit was filed in New York State Supreme Court in Buffalo.


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