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Doctors Sued Over Taser Deaths

Taser International has taken to suing doctors to force them to change their medical reports so they don't reference Taser electrical shocks as causing death.

Dr. Lisa Kohler, an Ohio medical examiner, had noted in her autopsy reports that Taser electrical shocks were partially to blame for the deaths of individuals in three separate confrontations with police.

Taser's legal team quickly responded by filing a civil suit against Kohler, requesting that the courts require her to delete all mentions of the weapons and to term the deaths as "accidental".

The court sided with Taser, and Kohler was forced to modify her medical report. Medical examiners have complained that Taser's lawsuits are simply a form of intimidation, designed to scare the examiners and prevent them from citing Tasers as a cause of death.

Tasers have been a hot topic for years. Many scientists and doctors have raised concerns about the use of Taser stun guns by police and how how Tasers might accelerate heart and respiration problems.

Police and private security forces worldwide continue to be equipped with Tasers despite the speculation that they may be unnecessarily lethal..

With a huge market at stake, Taser has been very aggressive in the courts in defending its products.


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