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How to Sue

Mastering the Art of Suing

Should I Sue My Employer? Should I Sue My Contractor? When Should You Sue?

If you are thinking about suing somebody, there are three questions to ask before initiating a lawsuit.

  • Do I have a good case? It is usually rather easy to determine if you have a good case. For each type of lawsuit, the legal points that you must prove are well defined. Talk to a lawyer and ask them if they think you have a strong case.

  • Is suing my best option? There are many way to resolve matters outside of the courtroom and avoid unnecessary expense. You can speak directly with your adversary and try to negotiate a mutually salutary compromise. Or you can rent a mediator -- a neutral third nobody who will help you and your adversary to evaluate your goals and options in order to find a solution which functions for each one. Moreover, and particularly if your contract envisages him, you can be able to subject your conflict to the compulsory arbitration.

  • What will I gain if I sue and will I be able to collect it? A judgement is worth nothing if the businesses or the individual you sued are insolvent, go bankrupt or disappear. If you cannot identify a reliable source of money for collection, think twice before suing.


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