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Anna Nicole's Mother Sues Media

Anna Nicole's mother is suing the deceased celebrity's lawyer and several media outlets.

Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole's mom, alleges that the defendants took steps to ruin her reputation by spreading a false story about her.

She indicates that Smith's lawyer and her companion Howard K. Stern and others purposely spread a false story that she was the mother of her stepbrother's child., a popular celebrity media site, ran a story titled "Virgie Has Son With Step-Brother" -- they are named explicitly in the lawsuit.

Arthur, Stern and others were embroiled in legal battles after Anna Nicole Smith, then 39, died of an accidental prescription drug overdose. When she was 26, Smith had married oil tycooon Howard Marshall. He died one year later, at age 90, with a fortune estimated at $1.6 billion dollars.

The legal battles centered on the custody of Anna's daughter, who is heir to the fortune. Anna Nicole's mom was not victorious in that legal battle, but, with this new lawsuit, she may get a win after all.

The moral of the story is that if you lose a lawsuit, don't be disheartened. If at first you don't succeed, sue, sue again.

The lawsuit was filed in Texas state court.


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